Leadership Development

The leadership of any organization is the foundation that carries it. Leaders that are unable to lead effectively, manage their reports to success or ill-equipped to lead a multi-generational, multi-skilled and changing workforce will halt growth and business development in its tracks.

Having recognised the need for more effective programs that address this topic in the African landscape, we are proud to be the African Operating partner for The Leadership Pipeline Institute™ (LPI), a globally recognised solutions provider for leadership development and pipelining. Based on the principles of Leadership Pipelines, the LPI solutions enable organizations to accurately identify, develop and promote future leaders from within the organization. This, in turn, further enhances and fosters the entrenched company culture, minimizes disruptive leadership changes and simplifies talent retention, especially in a job market that has come to accept short engagements as the norm.

The key program in the LPI suite, the Leadership Transition Program™ (LTP), is based on four different levels of leadership, each with a different set of requirements for work values, time application and skills. Each candidate needs to adjust to the new requirements and thus undergo a leadership transition to successfully manage the new level. The LTP™ will convey the necessary skills and knowledge to manage this process effectively. Contact us for further information or a confidential discussion to explore this offering in detail.

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