Friday thought:

For many organizations, hybrid work presents a bold new future. Major companies like Apple and Microsoft have publicized their remote-first policies, paving the way for scores of others.

It’s an exciting time to be a leader, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy time. Employees are rethinking all aspects of their relationship with work, be it flexibility, trust in leadership, career development or mental health.

While hybrid work may entice some to stay with their organization, it isn’t a cure-all for attrition. Employee needs have changed and will continue to evolve. Only by meeting people where they are today – and adapting to the uncertainties of tomorrow – can leaders create a workplace where everyone thrives.

The key to achieving that agility, and ensuring your organization’s future-proof?

Completely aligning your business strategy with your talent strategy.

Having a business strategy without a talent strategy is hoping for the best. Having both strategies aligned positions a company to be resilient, pro-active, and able to optimize human talent.

We can help, and many of the giants on the SA business landscape agree. Let’s start the conversation to a better work experience for your teams.

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