Fear in the workplace

Fear destroys everything good in relationships and organizations.

That observation has stuck with me for months now.
It came to me while researching my new book.

Study after study, story after story.
Fear kept showing up like an unwelcome party guest.

I’ve thought deeply about two things in the workplace:
Underperformance and suffering.

Fear is quite often the cause of both conditions.

Yet when we find the courage to examine our fears,
we discover something deeper beneath them.

I call this a “kernel of caring.”
In other words, “We’re scared where we care.”


I’ve written about my struggles with imposter syndrome.
Where does that fear of being exposed get its energy?

I connected with a deeper part of me through meditation.
In stillness, I found a strong value of integrity and wholeness.

Ahhh. Hello, friend.

This connection helped me embrace vulnerability as an antidote.
There’s a lightness that comes with liberation.

In the spirit of enlightened leadership (the topic of my book),
our experiences are our teachers.

If you would like to learn a bit more about yourself,
consider completing my 2-question ANONYMOUS survey.


You may find it as cathartic as it is informative.

Learn to turn toward your teachers.
That’s how you’ll find your next level of leadership.

  • Matt Poepsel, PHD
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