Your GOALS & ACTION PLANS… as a PI Client

Your GOALS & ACTION PLANS… as a PI Client


To refine is to sharpen, make better, and to be more efficient. Small tweaks versus big shifts. The hope is to gain a competitive edge, remove impurities, and polish operational efficiencies.

People in the refining stage within their organization often feel stuck, hiring for the same positions over and over.  You may hear things like:

“Something’s wrong. I need to hire better people that

work well with our culture, or we need to change our

culture altogether.”

Does this resonate with you?  Well then, some of the following may be the challenges you are facing:

  • Right butt, right seat (not getting who you thought)
  • Cycling through talent (issues with retention)
  • Leaders influencing hiring (bias, deficient leadership)
  • Bias in hiring (lack consistency and objective measures, too much subjectivity and guesswork in hiring)
  • Poor leadership (lack of trust in leaders, managers)
  • Need to improve culture (energize your people, attract high performers, better measure and develop your people and performance)
  • You’ve tried it your way, and it hasn’t worked (perhaps you typically haven’t used assessments, or leveraged their full offerings before).

If you were nodding while reading the above, you will find benefit in leveraging your PI solutions, platform, applications and education to objectively enable all of the following:

  • Improve quality of hires
  • Retention
  • Look deeper into employee potential and performance
  • Manage poor performers
  • Identify people that fit the culture and corporate values
  • Energize the good fits and attract even better ones

Your focus / goal as a PI Client may be to REFINE the current hiring process and to provide valuable understanding (to stakeholders), into performance through the use of a structured recruiting process.

Investigate the following:

  • What is your current hiring process?
  • What do you like about your current hiring process?
  • What could be improved in your current hiring process?
  • What positions are you looking to fill?
  • Which positions experience the most amount of turnover?
  • What does a successful candidate look like for the role(s)?
  • Who is involved in the current hiring process?
  • Who determines the interview questions in your hiring process?
  • Where do you see PI fitting into your hiring process?
  • How would you describe your candidate pipeline?
  • Do you have an ATS? If so, is integration something you’re interested in?
  • Who makes the final hiring decision for an open requisition?

Focus on the essential PI activities which you’re equipped to immediately impact:

  • Identify role & key stakeholders
  • Complete job assessment
  • Set job target
  • Hold debrief meeting with key stakeholders
  • Send out behavioral & cognitive assessments to candidates
  • Send out behavioral assessment to top performers in the same role
  • Review results using match score
  • Conduct interviews using interview guide

To asssist with this process, consider our 2-Day Drive Results with Talent Workshop. All our workshops and sessions are professionally crafted and delivered VIRTUALLY for optimum engagement and value received. (More info here)

Dates available:

11-12 May 2020

13-14 July 2020

14-15 September 2020

9-11 November 2020

15-16 Feb 2021

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Contact Anthea for assistance with the Catalyst articles.

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