The Hybrid workplace

Friday thought: For many organizations, hybrid work presents a bold new future. Major companies like Apple and Microsoft have publicized […]

Fear in the workplace

Fear destroys everything good in relationships and organizations. That observation has stuck with me for months now.It came to me […]

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation Aside from changing the way we live, COVID also changed the way we work in ways we […]


This is my dog, Cooper. He has a passionate interest in frisbees, especially yellow ones. I learnt that dogs can’t […]

Better work, better world…

“Better Work, Better World” is our mission. It’s the maxim we live, each and every day. We’re not alone. Thousands […]

Agents of change…

Individual contributors are the unsung heroes of an organization. With their devotion to their craft, they bring an expertise to […]

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